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Philip C. Sedgwick


Philip wrote his first script at the prompting of a writer friend. He entered his second script, Neon Cactus, into the Academy's Nicholl Fellowship, which placed as a Quarter-Finalist in the prestigious competition. Since that time, more an armada of his screenplays and films have received acclaim from film festivals, fellowships and competitions.Philip's spec scripts are available for sale and production and he is available for script consultation, work-for-hire assignments and directing short films.

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Please Note: Given the WGA strike, for the duration of the work stoppage, I stand in compliance and will not pitch submit, negotiate, write or rewrite in adherence to strike rules. When an agreement has been struck and the strike officially concluded, eagerly I shall return to pitching, negotiating and dealing, and shall consider all work agreements and screenplay offers.

Now on the film festival circuit, a short film I wrote and directed, METEORIC.

As a result of ZAP! being selected to the Silicon Valley Film Festival, a short script I wrote, METEORIC, based upon a meteor impact in Arizona in 2016 captured on a dashcam, is in festival submission. The Director of Silicon Valley Film Festival, Christina July Kim, is Executive Producer, Producer and with a key role in the film. Other amazing talent onboard for this project... Kincaid Walker, and returning for their third film in one of my scripts, both the remarkable Sam Whitten and Joel Foster. The film currently is reaping festival selections.

Meteoric Movie Website

Article on METEORIC in Film Spotlight
Shout Out Arizona Philip C. Sedgwick article on Philip

Early in 2020 word came in that, ZAP!, a short script penned by Philip, won 1st Place in the Phoenix Film Festival's short screenplay search.

The Phoenix win clinched it. ZAP! had to be made! On a gorgeous Arizona night, socially-distanced, masked up and with coronavirus cautions in place, ZAP! was filmed. The local pack of coyotes chimed in and our actor had a blast howling with them.

ZAP! is now in the festival circuit where it collects selections, nominations and awards. Best yet, we've come full circle... ZAP! has been selected into the 2021 Phoenix Film Festival! The array of Awards, Official Selections, screenings and more is available at:

Zap! the Film Official Website

ZAP! now streaming on Filmocracy

Coming soon on:
Nuclear Home Video

Also in the festival submission is a short film I penned, JACK OF ALL LANTERNS. This fun Halloween film combines a age-old nursery rhyme and classical mythology in a bizarre be-careful-what-you-wish-for tale.

Jack of All Lantern's Website

PECULIAR TASTE, a comedic horror film co-written with Lesley Lillywhite, has been selected into not only the South East Regional Film Festival 2022, but the Burbank International Film Festival 2022 and advanced to Semi-Finalist status in the Oscar-Qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival. As well, the screenplay took the Platinum Award for Best Feature Screenplay in the Wallachia Film Festival. This script with a new category of monster-in-the-house was recently rewritten... obviously a scary good rewrite. 

THE FILMMAKING TERRITORY, a drama based upon the early days of filmmaking in Arizona, placed as a Finalist in the Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2021. More love from Rhode Island comes from the Block Island Film Festival with their notification that the script is an Official Selection in 2022.   

As well, the Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021 and the South East Regional Film Festival 2021both elevated Philip's screenplay, A PIECE OF HEAVEN, a quirky romcom with an alien (the extra-terrestrial kind) plot twist, to Semi-Finalist status. Additionally, PIECE OF HEAVEN, was selected into the Sacramento International Film Festival for 2021.

Philip's script CACTUS JUNCTION enjoyed a solid festival run. Most recently the Omaha Film Festival 2021 selected the screenplay as a Semi-Finalist. During 2020 CACTUS JUNCTION placed as a Semi-Finalist in the Burbank Film Festival and became one of five finalist feature screenplays in the Block Island Film Festival, 2020. As well, CACTUS JUNCTION took 2nd Place in the Best Arizona Screenplay in the Wild Bunch Film Festival, 2020. The Cordillera Film Festival 2020 and the San Antonio Film Festival 2020 selected CACTUS JUNCTION as a Semi-Finalist.

OTRO LADO, an emotionally charged border short film written by Philip for Executive Producer and composer, Alex Holland completed its festival run and received thirteen Official Selections from festivals. Now Streaming on

ELEVATOR PITCH, a short film written by Philip for Executive Producer Rutger Oosterhoff, directed by Justin Bram, featuring Tom Wright, Emily Goss and Sam Whitten. Now Streaming on

MIRAGE AT ZABUL PROVINCE, penned by Philip for director Nathan Bettisworth, tied for first for the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film at the Sedona Film Festival Festival. As well, the short won Director's Choice for best short film at the Prescott Film Festival and was Best Short Film (Jury) at the Sunscreen West Film Festival, completing a trifecta of best short film category wins.

Now streaming on

In Development

THE INTERROGATION OF IKE TULLY, an original script penned by Philip, has most of the principal cast and above the line crew attached. Currently this project is in the funding phase.


Letters of Recommendation available upon request.

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