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Short Screenplays

Pitch - (Drama, R-13) After a screenwriter and an acting teacher meet with a director to create and cast a yet unwritten film, a bond of Casablanca-like friendship develops between the writer and acting teacher, as the director rejects their ideas. 12 Pg.

Not For Everyone - (Drama, PG-13) Up against a deadline, two casting directors seeking the next “it” actress, encounter a waitress who perplexes their sensibilities when she rejects offers of fame and fortune. 10 Pg. (Story by with Lesley Lillywhite)

Not Selected - (Drama, R) A film director, in her mind ruined by a critic for a review of her film, seeks equalization, not realizing that it is the muses who oversee karmic resolution. 13 pages.

Seduced by Silicon - (Drama, Romance, R) When an actress rents a seductive chatbot powered cyborg to relieve the celibacy issues of a producer, she finds herself captivated by the robot and powerless to control her fate. 11 pages.

Can't Shoot Without a Hat - (Drama, Modern Western, R) A rising star female director, hell-bent on making a short old-fashioned western must contend with an eccentric cast and mysterious thieves who pilfer the talents' cowboy hats. 17 pages.

Belle's Bones - (Drama, Western, R) In the 1890's Arizona, a clairvoyant prostitute wrestles with information received from the other side about a murder committed in the brothel where she works. 12 pages.

Best Suspense Short Screenplay, The Wild Bunch Film Festival, 2022
Top Ten Finalist, Bass & Belle Wild West Fest, 2022

Three Nights Only - (Comedy, R) A comedienne has a chance encounter with a recently unemployed man rumored to be devoid of a funny bone. 15 Pages.

Best Romantic Comedy Screenplay, Nevada Short Film Festival, Fall 2021
Best Short Drama, Sunny Side Up Film Festival, 2022
Finalist, Just4Shorts Screenwriting Competition, June 2021

Lorraine ~ (Drama R) A woman seeking her destiny encounters psychics, a friend, and a suitor, who participate in a seance, all far more interested in her past and present romantic fate than her karmic path. 11 Pages.

Interloper11! ~ (Drama, R) When a romantically unfulfilled woman discovers a hidden USB plug containing coveted algorithms during a most unsatisfactory date, sparks fly... some romantic and others with clandestine operatives in pursuit of algorithms. 17 Pages.

Scarier Times ~ (Drama, Ghost Story, R) In the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis two spies, whose personal relationship was found out by their superiors, confront each other on the motives of their affiliation, and what can be done to cope with the fears of the time. 8 Pages.

Semi-Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival, 2021

Lola and Lazarus ~ (Drama, R) In the post-pandemic world, a prostitute and homeless street preacher meet on a corner and when intercepted by the former fiancé of one of the prostitute's clients, the worm turns for all. 11 Pages.

Bloody Mary on the Rocks ~ (Drama, R) When two career millennial coronavirus casualties meet up at a lake side cottage to commiserate their fates over drinks, erotic tension between them changes everything. 9 Pages.

ZAP! ~ (Drama, R) An astronomer sharing backyard observations of the center of our galaxy has a run-in with mosquitoes, and a not so trusty bug zapper. Completed, directed by Philip: ZAP! the Film

An Unfinished Agenda ~ (Drama, R) Two journalists, previously separated in a war zone, reunite in the Arizona desert to document vigilante activities and catch up with their incomplete personal agenda. 8 Pages.

Finalist, Phoenix Film Festival, 2020
Semi Finalist, Vail Film Festival, 2020
Quarter Finalist, Richmond International Film Festival, 2020

Viral ~ (Drama, R) An aerospace engineer applying for a renewed security clearance and at odds with his fiance meets a Russian red sparrow at the same time his computer is infected with a virus and he contracts an STD. 16 Pages.

Official Selection, Hollyshorts Film Festival, 2019

Meteoric ~ (Drama, R) When two couples come upon a meteor landing site at the same time, the claim to the celestial object becomes a battle of wits and gender, and a declaration of love. Completed, directed by Philip Meteoric Movie

Condomnation~ (Drama, R) An overpopulation activist finds herself seeking legal counsel after her proposal to a school board about free condoms handouts goes awry. 14 Pages.

Top Five Finalist, Rendezvous Film Festival, 2019
Official Selection, HollyShorts Film Festival, 2016
Top Ten Finalist, Official Selection ~ Phoenix International Film Festival, 2016
More Awards

On the Verge ~ (Drama, R) When a talented young Indian woman is wrongly placed in a mental facility, she pulls out her creative and healing skills to inspire other inmates to create a song & dance video that goes viral and makes the world aware of their plight. (work for hire screenplay with Rutger Oosterhoff) 21 Pages.

Body of Work~ (Drama, R) An organ-trafficking coroner and his fiancé have an unusual confrontation on the anniversary of their engagement. Screenplay Sold.

Top Ten Finalist, Leonard Elmore Literary Arts & Film Festival, 2010

Five Words or Less ~ (Drama, R) A voice-over actress cheers herself hoarse the night before a potentially career-changing speech. 15 Pages.

Semi Finalist, Creative World Awards, 2012.
Quarter Finalist, Slamdance, 2012.

Nuts & Bolts ~ (Romantic Drama, R, short screenplay) When a man is forced to discard his “lucky” tie, his fate changes course, until through a stroke of luck, the tie returns. (formerly, The Tie) 29 Pages.

1st Place, Short Screenplay Competition, Spirit Quest Film Festival, 2011.
Runner Up, Independent Short Film and Music Arts Festival, 2010.

3rd Place, Short Drama, Woods Hole Film Festival, 2012
More Awards

Fate Date ~ (Drama, R) When two millennials on a first date receive news of a sibling's accidental death, their relationship requires otherworldly assistance to continue past their grief. 15 Pages.

Cavalier Club ~ (Drama, R) When a gentleman's club owner replaces his dancers with robots, one of the displaced dancers leads a labor rebellion. 16 Pages.

Virtually Christmas ~ (Drama, R) As a young couple celebrates Christmas on Magi Day (Jan 6) they confront the unorthodox timing of the celebration, and more to the point, the why. 13 Pages.

The Interview ~ (Drama, R) When an aspiring female sportscaster sets out to interview a star athlete, a crack addict, fate and self preservation make the news. 14 Pages.

Polly's Potion ~ (Drama, R) A herbalist in Puritanical Salem making virility potions for the town's elders faces accusations of witchcraft. 9 Pages.